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Find the best antivirus software for Mac, windows 10, android or iOS. Get multiple protection: prevent computer getting slow, scam website detection, file scan, VPN and privacy protection. Secures your internet, devices and browsing experience.
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What’s your security concern:

Is my email compromised?

Check to see if your email was in a data leak

Am I being scammed?

Check a website address to avoid dangerous websites

Worried about the content kids see?

Protect your kids on the Internet and filter graphic content

Does my computer have a virus?

Detect and fix viruses and other malicious threats for free

Recommended solutions:


Maximum Security

Safeguards your valuable files and secures your transactions


Trend Micro Check

Avoid scam messages, phishing websites, and misinformation



Cleaner One Pro

Manage and free up your storage space in just one click.




A free online security scan can detect and fix viruses, worms, spyware, and other malicious threats.

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