Is Legit? No, it’s a scam!

There’s a new scam spreading through WhatsApp — and it’s stealing people’s personal data!

If you receive a message containing a link to either or, watch out because it’s a scam!

Fortunately, this person didn’t fall for it!
Source: Twitter

The links lead to a malicious website. On the site, you will be asked to complete a short quiz for the chance to win an expensive prize — often an iPhone or something equally desirable. However, once you’ve completed the quiz, you’re asked to provide lots of personal information (under the pretense that it is required for delivery of the prize). However, your prize will never be delivered and the people behind the scam will have access to all your personal information, which they can either sell or use to commit identity theft.

This scam does something particularly clever, too. Before somebody’s “prize” can be shipped to them, they’re required to share their success with their WhatsApp contacts. Although unbeknownst to them, all they will be sharing is a link to either or — giving the scammers more opportunities to steal people’s personal information!

How the scam progresses

Keep an eye out for links to or because they’re guaranteed scams! 

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Scam site detected!