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The 4th Stimulus Check is NOT Coming This Year, but COVID Stimulus Check Scams Are!

The pandemic has struck everyone badly, but fortunately, the US government keeps sending out stimulus checks and bonuses to those in need. Recently, many people have started to wonder if the 4th round of stimulus checks will be coming this year. Well, Congress hasn’t approved the petition, but the scammers have!

How COVID Stimulus Check Scams Work

Impersonating US government agencies, including Congress and the federal government, scammers have been sending text messages and emails containing phishing links, falsely claiming that people can get stimulus payments.

The phishing links (sometimes embedded as buttons) take you to a web page (fake government login pages, online forms, online survey pages – just to name a few!). There, you have to fill out a form and provide personal information. Scammers can record all the sensitive data entered onto the fake web pages and use it for identity theft!

One of the fake web pages

6 Common COVID Stimulus Check Scams

Here are some examples of COVID-19 stimulus check scams:

1. IRS Economic Impact Payment Scam (3rd Round of Economic Impact Payments)

Fake IRS email. Source: Reddit

2. Walmart Pandemic Relief Funds Scam

Content of scam text message
you have been qualified for a direct deposit of $1800 from walmart pandemic relief program, claim here: https[:]//covid-19walmartfund[.]com

3. Coronavirus Relief Grant Scam

Content of scam text message
federal pandemic grant has been pre-approved for you due to the most recent covid-19. apply online to claim up to $9,500. <URL>

4. American Rescue Plan Scam

Content of scam text message
US COVID-19 relief bonus”. This site ask user to provide some sensitive information like SSN, picture of your State ID/Driver’s License/International Passport URL: https [:] //mybenefit4you[ . ]com/9

5. COVID-19 TREAS Fund Scam

Content of scam text message
“You have received a direct deposit of $1,200 from COVID-19 TREAS FUND. Further action is required to accept this payment into your account. Continue here to accept this payment. xxxxx.xx “

6. Government Pandemic Extra Stimulus Bonus Scam

Content of scam text message
us department of state extra stimulus: get your covid-19 relief fund of $1,400 per-week for the next 26 weeks. for more details, please visit: https[:]//www.vistaloan [. ]cc/ index.php/covid-relief/

Safety tips (based on the IRS‘s suggestions)

  • If you think it’s a scam phone call, hang up immediately.
  • Emails and text messages that require you to verify your stimulus check online or by calling a number are scams. Government agencies do NOT contact you to request financial information or to verify other credentials via text message/email.
  • Go to the agency’s official web page directly to confirm your stimulus check’s status or information.
  • Delete any texts or emails claiming that you can get your payment by clicking on suspiciouslinks.
  • Install Trend Micro Check for free for bulletproof on-the-go protection against scams. It detects and blocks dangerous websites automatically:

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