WWDC 2021: Apple to Elevate Customer Experience

Apple recently held their annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) where they announced updates to their platform ecosystem. Expected to be released this fall are iOS 15, iPadOS 15 and the new MacOS Monterey.

Some technical changes though incremental, are likely to help Apple keep their market share and potentially, add significant value to the company’s growth.

WWDC 2021 Highlights:

  • FaceTime to open collaboration with Windows and Android thru Facelinks. Additionally, the introduction of SharePlay will make it more of a direct competitor to the likes of Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet
  • FaceTime will have enhanced video experience adding portrait mode and same space tile for video conferencing. In response to the new normal, spatial audio and voice isolation features will mimic the atmosphere of real-life conversation
  • LiveText allows text recognition on photos and adding visual lookup
  • Apple Wallet is set to replace your physical wallet and keys. After successfully incorporating car keys thru ultrawide-band technology, it will now include keys to unlock your house. Apple Wallet can also hold identity cards such as driver’s license, company ID, hotel key cards and airline tickets
  • iPadOS 15 adapted Widgets in line with apps making it easier to create pages. App Library will appear in iPad to easily organize your apps, which can be added right into the dock to quickly access frequently used apps
  • Multi-tasking is possible with Splitview. Notes is becoming a collaboration tool with tags and mentions
  • A redesigned Safari interface including support for third-party extensions on mobile devices (iPhone and iPad)
  • Universal Control for all your Apple devices and AirPlay to Mac
  • Privacy on Safari and iCloud services

Apple once again demonstrated its focus on extracting the full value of its ecosystem and continues to inject innovation. There is no doubt that Apple will earn consumer confidence from its attempt to expand further.